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Helpling to make life better,Now.

1 out of every 2

individuals will develop cancer in their lifetime.


perform in hazardous conditions with over 70% of all Line of Duty deaths being cancer related.


resulting from unpaid medical bills will affect nearly 2 million people this year, making healthcare the #1 cause of such filings.

First Responders

are on the front lines every day keeping our communities safe. Their families often suffer the brunt of financial ruin when uncertainty strikes.

Goodbye Financial Burden

Skyrocketing healthcare premiums and lifetime maximums combined with the uncertainty of legislated Presumptive Cancer coverage through Worker's Compensation claims have led many Firefighter families to ask the unthinkable:

How do we replace lost income after diagnosis and during treatment?

How do we pay for Cancer?

My Cancer claim was contested by BWC - now what?

I want to plan and prepare for not 'if', but 'when'.

Having a Living Benefits plan in place before annual health screenings and prior to any diagnosis can be the answer for many individuals and their families.

Policy Options and Offerings

Living Benefits are offered through a customized life insurance policy and are far superior to supplemental & accident plans that are often promoted in the workplace, all while offering the best protection for you. We provide tailored flexibility to meet the needs of your family.

Our carrier issued policies can be short-term(10-35 years) or permanent offering up to $2M of benefits for the remainder of your life.

Additional options include the ability to have all premiums paid returned to you at policy maturity as well as options to assist long past your career and well into your retirement.

We are the leaders in benefits for First Responders. Occupational cancer and related illnesses increase daily.
Protecting your health and income is our specialty and we take that job seriously.