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What Are Living Benefits?

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Living Benefits - Insurance for the living, to help with the Now

Living Benefits are affordable and are provided through a custom tailored life insurance policy. When most individuals consider life insurance, they choose a product to fit their needs for the purpose of estate, retirement planning or final expense strategies. Living Benefits challenges the current way of thinking by providing an option that you don’t have to die in order to utilize, while combining all of the benefits of traditional life insurance. It’s the best of both worlds.

Living Benefits policies can be written and structured to provide you and your family much needed financial assistance while surviving a qualifying condition during your lifetime. That is our specialty.

Experiencing a qualifying condition can enable you to access the face value by accelerating the death benefits for your own use while you are still living. This is referred to as Living Benefits and may be the best-kept secret of life insurance. We’re excited to share this opportunity now available to Firefighter, First Responder families & friends!

How do Living Benefits serve me and my family?

The built-in quality of life Accelerated Benefit Riders can provide an advance for your policy’s death benefit to help cover the costs of care, recoup lost income or any other purpose should you suffer a qualifying chronic, critical and terminal illnesses or conditions. They also guarantee a minimum accelerated benefit based upon your policy and condition, and provide an accelerated lifetime maximum benefits up to $2,000,000. These benefits can help make an impact on your lifelong security and peace of mine.

In addition to the base policy guarantees, Quality of life offers two additional ways you can receive valuable guaranteed benefits while you’re still living! Imagine. You could be the beneficiary of your own policy.

Income if you get sick

The Accelerated Access Solution rider 2 provides coverage if your suffer a qualifying chronic illness. The Accelerated Access Solution rider will provide access to your tax-free death benefit through pre-determined monthly payments - either for as long as you're sick* or until the death benefits is exhausted. At death, the remaining benefits will be paid to your beneficiary.

Income for a long retirement

There's no question that American's are living longer, and the Lifestyle Income Solutions 2 rider may help you make those extra years more satisfying. Beginning at age 85. it enables you to translate your death benefit into a stream of supplemental income that can use for any purpose. Those payments are typically tax-free up to the amounts of cumulative premiums. Once again, any remaining death benefit will be paid to your beneficiary.

*In this context, "sick" means having a qualified chronical illness.
1. insured must be certified as chronically ill by a licensed physician and meet all eligibility requirements.
2. Require an additional premium.

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